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By Philippe Jarbinet

Love and passion in a gruesome history lesson 

First presents the axis of the Cathari a captivating historical setting. In the 12th and 13th century hit the Cathar faith very emerging in the South of France and in parts of Italy. This “good Christians” as they called themselves also called, hung a pure faith without wealth. This was in stark contrast to the Catholic faith. Often won the Cathars also debates on arguments. The Pope decided that the Cathars were a threat and used his political power and influence to the believers to fight through the French King. The Inquisition was also heard. Consequence: decades of atrocities against the peaceful people. In this epic we make, how the Cathars almost lose everything, yet again on the winning hand and eventually defeated.

With Helena as main character we are partakers of her love and passion during these gruesome lesson in history. Helena’s father and mother were murdered when she was still a toddler. She is captured by Bernard of Lorac with whom she grows up together with Bernard’s two children, Guillaume and Richard. Both of them will still play an important role in its further life. As Helena twelve is, her quiet life rudely disrupted by the murder of her foster father. A Catholic leenheer takes over in Lorac and Helena finds a refuge to the Cathar neighbors. Soon they are expert in the martial arts and is a fierce and passionate defender of the Cathar thing. The castle of her father she knows and as Baroness of Lorac, she is one of the great leaders.

However, Helena also a young, growing woman who falls in love with her foster brother Guillaume, who was raped by her other foster brother Richard and eventually finds her great love Jordan. In the fight she will lose many friends. Philippe Jarbinet knows a great story. His drawing style is in the first parts still some awkward and a bit priegelig. At the last part, however, is his style evolved into an attractive, luxurious style with a top-notch colouring. By his hand appeared also Sam Bracken, also published by Arboris. Who wants to know more about the Cathars, his salvation can search on the French website where in the series is also referenced. 

Philippe Jarbinet


Philippe Jarbinet, is a cartoonist and Belgian comic writer, born on February 13, 1965 in Liège.
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After secondary studies at the Athénée Royal de Verviers, Philippe Jarbinet continuing studies drawing and scenario at the Institut Saint-Luc in Liège. In collaboration with Franz (Jugurtha author), it creates the Sandy Eastern series 1 volume was released in 1992. The second, although completed, not will be not published, following the closure of the Blanco editions.
Philippe Jarbinet proposes then editions Glénat a series which will be both artist and writer. Memoirs of ash was founded in 1995. This series tells the adventures of Héléna, young woman living in Languedoc in the 13th century. Discovering backdrop of events related to the crusade against the Albigensians against the Cathars. Philippe Jarbinet demonstrate accuracy and a lot of accuracy in historical elements of his epic. This comic is recognized as one of the more faithful to reality by the specialists of the Centre d’Etudes Cathares of Carcassonne. The 10th and final volume was released in early 2007.
Philippe Jarbinet has also written and drawn the series Sam Bracken. Three volumes were published in editions Glénat.
It collaborates with other designers, to the series A very ordinary madness, scripted by Christian Godard, editions Glénat.
He directed the lettering of the Black Hills of Yves Swolfs and Marc-Renier Warnauts albums.
Airborne 44, his last diptych on the second world war in direct color, was published by Casterman editions in September 2009. In May 2010, he received the award of best album of the year at the festival of Toulouse and in October, the best scenario at the festival de Chambéry. He is currently working on the realization of a second parallel to the first opus.
Since 1990, Philippe Jarbinet also teaches drawing at the Academy René Defossez of Spa.
Albums as a writer and draughtsman
Memoirs of ash
Tome 1: Héléna, 1995, Glénat.
Tome 2: Heart-of-Pierre, 1996, Glénat.
Tome 3: Rémy from the East, 1997, Glénat.
Tome 4: Wolves of Farnham, 1998, Glénat.
Tome 5: Dance of the Giants, 1999, Glénat.
Volume 6: Montségur, 2000, Glénat.
Tome 7: Calimala, 2001, Glénat.
Tome 8: Spring murderers, 2002, Glénat.
Tome 9: Leila, 2003, Glénat.
Volume 10: The bonfire, Glénat 2007.
Sam Bracken
Volume 1: the border of silence, 2003, Glénat.
Tome 2: Red battle, 2005, Glénat.
Tome 3: Melody Lynn, 2006, Glénat.
Airborne 44
Tome 1: here where fall men, September 2009, Casterman.
Tome 2: Tomorrow will be without us, September 2009, Casterman.
As a draughtsman  Sandy Eastern
Volume 1, 1992, Blanco. (Scenario: Franz.) Drawing: P. Jarbinet under the pseudonym Jarby)
A very ordinary madness
Volume 2: Ewane Nagowitch, 2002, Glénat. (Scenario: Godart.) Drawing: Bonnet, Jarbinet, Mounier, Emmanuel Moynot)
Tome 3: Frazer Harding, 2003, Glénat. (Scenario: Godart.) Drawing: Bonnet, Jarbinet, Mounier. Coverage: Blanc-Dumont)
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