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Aria is a fantasy comic book published by Editions Dupuis. Screenwriter and artist is Michel Weyland, colorist is Nadine Weyland.

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 In all countries where she comes, it attracts Aria lonely battle against the injustice. She lives in a fictional world, of which the setting seems to be based on the Earth, around the start of the Christian era. But obviously with fantasy influences such as magiers, witches and monsters. But also there is a touch of science fiction. This is also supported, because there are sometimes in the stories, references to a lost pay far developed civilization. Of which traces are found back sometimes, and some developments used or abused. Aria is an adventurer, an Amazon, but with a pronounced sense of honor.
Wanderings of Aria appeared titles :
The mountain of the witches masters
The seventh gate
The horsemen of Aquarius
The tears of the goddess
The ring of elflings
The judgment of the raven
The meridian of Posidonia
The women fight
The ontembaren
The voice of the Prophet
The rover of the light
The garden of Satan
Furious Venus
A flower among the heart
The claw of the Angel
The trail of the rats
The pet
The trapped soul
The garden of Baohm
Star Song
The elixir of the devil
The Moon eyes
Born again
The new Devil
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Michel Weyland

Michel Weyland is a screenwriter and Belgian comic artist born on August 19, 1947 in Brussels of an artist mother and a father colon coffee planter.
Biography [edit] he did his Humanities in fine arts at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels.
In 1969, during his last year of study, he published in the Journal of Tintin a stylized humorous series of science fiction: stereo-land (interrupted after 30 pages).
From 1969 to 1979, he worked as Retoucher in a large Brussels photogravure.
In 1974, he directed a few cartoons for the Belgian weekly why Pas?.
In August 1979, he created the character of Aria and the draft of his first adventure.
In September 1979, he left the photogravure to focus exclusively on the comic strip. It restarts in the Tintin journal, end of 1979, with a humorous short story (wedding in the 7th Dimension) and two other, realistic and historical (the Chevalier de Prédor, an exclusive interview of Nostradamus).
In 1980, begins the series Aria in the Tintin journal.
In 1988, appears to be Yvanaëlle, the Lady of Mordorez, a story which combines science fiction to the fairy tale (Collection stories and legends, edition of the Lombard).
In 1994, Michel Weyland left the Lombard for the Editions Dupuis editions.
From 1994 to 2001, are written eight new stories of Aria in the Dupuis editions, the “Repérages” collection and in the Spirou.
In 1997 and 1998, all titles in the series Aria of the Lombard editions are progressively republished at the Editions Dupuis.
1968/1969: stereo-land
1979: Marriage in the 7th Dimension (in the Journal of Tintin)
1979: The Knight of Prédor (in the Journal of Tintin)
1979: the exclusive interview with Nostradamus (in the Journal of Tintin)
1988: Yvanaëlle
1982-2005: the “Aria” series (the latest issues are published in Spirou)