Since yeaaaaaaaaaaars we have been big fans of the X-Factor on ITV, there is no show like it….. 2010 was just incredible…. So much talent, every single show was top… But, 3 people stuck out the crowd, Rebecca, Matt and Cher… We loved watching every week their performances, and, it was hard to wait for another week to hear them sing !!!! Rebecca stole our heart, she is beautiful, sofisticated, dressed like a queen, no attitude, just a woman you want to love for the rest of your life ! We’ve seen Rebecca grown through the show and we will follow her progress always, and definitely buy her records, she is just amazing !!!! We only hope that Simon is gonna allow Rebecca to record all her songs from the X-Factor shows…, that would be A GREAT ALBUM already ! GOOD LUCK to you Rebecca , thank you for so many lovely, nice, beautiful, sincere moments you shared with us on television.

Rebecca Ferguson

The X Factor 2010: 23-year-old Rebecca from Liverpool has always had a dream of singing, and as a child was always performing to friends. But once she fell pregnant with her first child, that dream took a back seat. Is this Rebecca’s second chance at her dream? 

Rebecca Ferguson, 24, is a student and single mother to Lillie May (5) and Karl (4) from Anfield, Liverpool.[37] She is a qualified legal secretary, having studied at Hugh Baird College, Bootle.[38] She had previously unsuccessfully auditioned for The X Factor and for P. Diddy’s Starmaker in New York.[37] She sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” during her initial audition.[37] At her bootcamp audition, she sang “Like a Star” to which Cowell said “That is a recording voice!” and Nicole Scherzinger said, “I told you first time I saw her, she is our generation’s songbird.”[39] She sang “Fireflies” at judges’ houses and made it through to the live shows.[9] For the first live show she sang “Teardrops[disambiguation needed]” and in the second live show she sang “Feeling Good“. In the third live show she sang “Why Don’t You Do Right?” and in the fourth live show she sang “Wicked Game“. In the fifth live show, Rebecca received a standing ovation from Simon and Cheryl following her performance of “Make You Feel My Love“. In the following episode, Rebecca received another standing ovation from Dannii and Cheryl after singing “Candle in the Wind“. In the final, she performed a duet with Christina Aguilera, performing Aguilera’s hit single “Beautiful“. Ferguson’s winner’s song was a cover of Duffy‘s “Distant Dreamer”, but she finished as the runner-up to Matt Cardle, making her the first female runner-up on X Factor. After the final, it was announced that Ferguson had been signed by Syco Music,.[40]

In January 2011 it was reported by The Sun that she had signed a joint record deal between Syco and Epic Records.[41]


The X Factor 2010: Having lost confidence in herself after becoming a mum, Rebecca gave herself another chance for her audition, and it was a gamble worth taking. With a voice like hers, she’s definitely got the talent, but will she be able to overcome her nerves, or will they get the better of her at the final stage of bootcamp?

The X Factor 2010: Rebecca realises what an opportunity she’s been given, thinking back to standing in line with the other hopefuls. Rebecca hasn’t believed in herself for some time, but will Cheryl believe in her?

The X Factor 2010: Annastasia has come this far before – will Cheryl be disappointing her for a second time and taking Rebecca to the finals?

The X Factor 2010: Rebecca is excited and nervous, but self belief and confidence has never been her strong point. Can she deliver her performance this evening without it all getting to her?

The X Factor 2010: Rebecca loved her performance last week, despite being incredibly nervous. Her confidence is still a problem for her, and it shows even in her posture. With tips from creative director Brian, can Rebecca come across as confident in her performance tonight?

The X Factor 2010: Still not quite believing that she’s being watched by so many people, Rebecca is starting to feel at home on stage and is beginning to relax. Wanting to be recognised as an artist rather than the mum from Liverpool – is this the night Rebecca becomes a star?


The X Factor 2010: Rebecca gave a performance last week that really impressed the judges. Having set the bar so high on the quality of her songs, can she better herself and improve on her voice?

The X Factor 2010: The judges have nothing bad to say about Rebecca, but she is worried about her song this week. Having trouble remembering the words, and then getting too emotional when she does – it’s going to be a tough performance for the liverpudlian! Will she still get your vote?

The X Factor 2010: Rebecca has a huge song to sing this week, as it’s an iconic Elton song that means a lot to most of the nation. Without affecting the message of the song too much, can Rebecca put her own stamp on Candle In The Wind?

The X Factor 2010: Singing a big song from a big Liverpool band? Rebecca is itching to get out there and do the band from her hometown justice! Cheryl has picked another famous song for Rebecca, but has she picked the right one?

The X Factor 2010: Cheryl’s worried about the theme this week, as Rock doesn’t always suit everyone’s voice and she’s worried that Rebecca falls into that category. However, during rehearsals, Cheryl’s surprised to hear her singing better than ever! Can Rebecca rock rock week?

The X Factor 2010: For some reason, Rebecca believes everyone thinks she’s miserable and down in the dumps – so tonight, her second song is one that shows how she’s a fun-loving cheeky girl! Will this change your mind about her?

The X Factor 2010 – Rebecca Ferguson Sings Show Me Love On Live Show 9 (The Semi Final) Aired On Saturday 4th December 2010.

The X Factor 2010 – Rebecca Ferguson Sings Amazing Grace On Live Show 9 (The Semi Final 2010) Aired On Saturday 4th December 2010.

The X Factor 2010 Final: It’s only been a few short weeks, but Rebecca has come from a shy and nervous singer, to a finalist in the competition! Looking for a better life for herself and her family

The X Factor 2010 Final: Rebecca’s duet is with someone who she’s idolised for years. International superstar Christina Aguilera joins Rebecca on stage for a Beautiful diva duet!

The X Factor 2010 Final: Her final performance before the big announcement – has Rebecca done enough throughout the competition to get your vote? With what will be her new single if she gets enough votes – it’s Rebecca with Distant Dreamer